Saturday, April 5, 2008


Meet my friend, Baaba.

Baaba was playing with matches, in the same room as gun powder, when an ill-fated accident happened. We are really thankful, because, originally, we thought he might lose his eye sight. However, the Lord answered alot of prayer, and just a few days after he was burned, we could see Baaba tracking us around the room and knew he had sight. He has burns covering his anterior chest, bilateral arms, scrotum, and upper thighs. Thankfully, his burns are rather superficial, he will not require any skin grafts.

There is no physical or occupational therapy here, but we've worked with Baaba's mother to encourage Baaba to move so he doesn't stiffen up. I gave him crayons and a coloring book to encourage some fine motor skills.

I've been cleaning Baaba every few days for 3-4 weeks now. He's almost ready to go home. We are all very thankful for how Baaba has recovered, we've come to love him and his mother! I don't think Baaba thought of us as friends at first, since we only inflicted pain on him, but slowly he's come around and breaks out a smile or two.


Anonymous said...

will his skin darken up, or will he always have patches of white?

Branchville Lady said...

Did this little guy have an easier time with the crayons and coloring book than the last child you poseted about? Did you try the bubbles to entertain him? Mom

ESK123 said...

I have no idea what his skin will end up looking like, I'm still a student. I've been able to watch alot of follow through with my patients. And I have pictures of Baaba's first day with us, but I don't know what he'll look like in the end.