Wednesday, April 2, 2008

To keep the blog police at bay

The answer to what was in the picture is a grinding stone (actually a set of three grinding stones), mainly used to grind maize, which they make teazet, a staple food here.

The internet, of course, isn't cooperating to get more pictures uploaded, so be patient. Plus I've been super busy with work, and just haven't had alot of time to get to the internet. I'll likely have to catch up when I get home with many unanswered questions and more pictures. I haven't even posted pictures of the kob and water buck, plus a few pretty birds.

Uncle Paul, the one disappointment during my trip to Mole, was that apparently a 6 foot snake was killed by my house in Nalerigu over the weekend. Unfortunately, a guard killed it, and he didn't know that we wanted to eat it. I never got to see the snake, and we will not be enjoying that delicacy. However, Yisah has a week left to pull through with another one. I didn't see it, but carpet vipers don't usually get that big, so it had to be something else, maybe a cobra?--I'm not sure.

Can you believe I only have a little over a week left in Nalerigu? Time has FLOWN by, I feel like I just got here! It will be hard to leave! However, I am thinking about the fun of the cruise (if you didn't know I'm heading on a cruise with my family and medical school roommate a week after I get back), that will hopefully ease the blow of leaving Nalerigu.


Anonymous said...

im gonna miss checking your blog. i have enjoyed checking in and seing what new and amazing adventure you encountered. can you blog your inter at the hospital?? im sure you will have all sorts of time to do that :) diane , bville

Anonymous said...

Biffy - Before you leave, can you see if they eat asparagus ice cream there? Julie and I send our best, we love da blog!

ESK123 said...

OHHH----Jack---you know I have been looking for your FAVORITE ice cream! SADLY, I have found NO asparagus ice cream! Even vanilla is hard to come by, but on occasion, it's a BIG treat to get it! I hope you and Julie are doing well!