Sunday, April 6, 2008

Potty Humor

You know you were all wondering about it, so I'll just answer the question BEFORE you ask.

I've previously said that our house is equipped with toilet, however I'm pretty assured the BMC campus (plus Tommy's house) may be the only place in Nalerigu to use a real toilet. I have successfully managed to avoid using Ghanaian restrooms for the most part, but not entirely.

The top picture posted is a "bathroom" I got to use when I was out with Dr. Robinson pulling teeth in the bush. It was surprisingly VERY clean, and didn't smell.

The bottom two pictures are from the BMC latrines. Besides taking the photos, I have avoided them completely.

I did have a more interesting time on my way to Mole. At a bus stop, you could get in one of two lines, depending on what you needed to deposit. I was in line for #1, after paying a few pesewas, I was allowed in this cement room with no door. A drainage pipe ran down the middle that was open. Basically you just position yourself correctly and aim for the drainage pipe. It was interesting. It's especially lovely, when you consider I had to PAY for the experience.

Most assuredly if you do happen across an actual toilet, it's certain it will NOT have toilet paper, but for a few more pesewas, you can also have an alloted amount. I suggest you just bring your own.


Branchville Lady said...

Thanks for being a true Kunkel and showing the important things in life!

Anonymous said...

ah yes I remember them well...oh for the days of youth when I was more coordinated and had a better aim...can't believe your trip is almost over !!

Anonymous said...

that last picture looks like that picture from parasitology... remember that one?? hahaha...