Friday, April 11, 2008

Jesse Brooks Foundation

The group we picked up today were part of the Jesse Brooks Foundation and Art Alive Ministries. Jesse was a 10 year old girl, who died in a van crash returning from a mission trip in Montana. She always wanted to be a missionary to Africa.

Her parents created the foundation in her memory. Many small events transpired, and they were introduced to Art Alive Ministries, who had funded an orphanage in Ghana. Although the foundation had been established, they struggled in what to fund that kept Jesse's memory alive. When they heard about this ministry, they thought it was the ideal combination of who Jesse was. They decided to fund a new wing of the orphanage. They have come for the dedication of that wing.

I'm not doing the story justice, and I'm certain my details are not completely factual. However, what I do know is that it's pretty amazing when a tragedy of losing a child can turn into this amazing selfless gift to help 40 children. The foundation will continue to fund more projects at the site, and hopes to eventually house over 100 children. The orphanage provides a safe place to live, schooling, and teaching about Jesus. It's been fun hanging out with the group today.

Here is there website:

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Rod Bryant said...

Its Rod from the foundation. I was so pleased to see that you had talked about the foundation in your blog. We made it home last Thrusday night safe and sound. The time with the children was wonderful. They are so loving and need so much love themselves.
Hope you are well, and the vacation was great. Drop a line if you get chance.