Sunday, March 2, 2008

A conversation

The blog is not working well, but since it is Sunday, I will share a conversation I had with Christy and Tommy Harrison (note: I previously called him Tommy Harris, but it's Harrison). Christy and I joined Tommy again today to go to a bush church. Church was held in the schoolhouse we stopped at last week.

Anyways on way home, we got into a conversation about how being here, it's easier to understand Bible stories. When Paul talks about shaking off his sandals and moving on to another village, it's a completely vivid picture. Or talking about Jesus washing people's feet, it's completely different here. All the farming stories are easy for the people to relate to.

It's not that we don't understand the stories at home, but we don't have these nasty dusty feet at home that need to be washed or many other examples I could use. It's more simple here.

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