Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow

Yesterday was a day of thanksgiving, that just extended into today. I had three answers to prayer, all so small, and yet so large to me. Then when I thought that was pretty cool, it got even better....

First, I had been missing fruit, fresh fruit. It's the dry season here, so we can get fruit but it's not very good. Christy, my roommate, had gone to Burkina Faso over the weekend, and brought me back mangoes and oranges! We've been devouring them!

Then, you know I'm a northern girl, and this heat gets to me. All I ever hear about it how much hotter it will still get. Yesterday I was on my way to market, and I realized there were clouds coming in! What a nice break! Just breaking up the direct sunlight, did so much to lift my spirits!

I came home, and Yisah had taken out REAL butter! Hallelujah! Who knew you could miss butter, but you can. And I didn't even realize I was missing it, until I had a chance at the real thing! It was actually Christy's butter, but she let us use it! YUMMY!!!

I was already really thankful with these three blessings, but the Lord had something even greater in store......those clouds were RAIN CLOUDS! Yes sir, we got a thunder and lightening storm last night complete with rain! The dust went down today, and it was still overcast. The Ghanians are a bit cold, but the northern chick is perfect! I'm guessing it's probably in the mid to high 70's. Very comfortable!

Then we have the final big BIG blessing! I got word today, that one of my best friends, Tamar, delivered a healthy baby boy! Welcome to the world David!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

congrates to tamar! :) amazing how cool 70 degrees can sound doesn't it?